Welcome to the Centre of Athenian Psychodramatic Encounters!

We have the great honour to introduce you to our Centre’s activities and we are looking forward to meeting you and having nice psychodramatic encounters!

The Centre

In March 2014, the Centre of Athenian Psychodramatic Encounters was born. Stylianos Lagarakis, its founder, has been dealing with psychodrama since 1999 as a therapeutic way and an expressive way of life. In C.A.P.E. you will have the chance to get to know psychodrama through its weekly therapeutic groups, monthly seminars, workshops and training groups.

Psychodrama Academy

In the beautiful town of Kolympari in Crete, from 30/07/2015 up to 04/08/2015, the 1st Hellenic Summer Psychodrama Academy will be held. The Academy will have international participation with guests from all continents. Its participants will be mental health specialists, psychotherapists, psychodramatists, actors, students, several psychotherapeutic groups and all those who love psychodrama or would like to know what psychodrama is about.


Το Ψυχόδραμα

Psychodrama allows everyone to express himself by interactive exercises and scenery acting out, focusing on the catharsis and the qualitative relation with themselves and in between. Through the action of different roles that everyone experiences on stage, they have the chance to get in contact with their grandiose self. By using the several Psychodramatic techniques ( reverse role, doubling, mirroring ) they feel free and they maximize their erotic desire for life and their floating personal development.