Psychodrama allows everyone to express himself by interactive exercises and scenery acting out, focusing on the catharsis and the qualitative relation with themselves and in between. Through the action of different roles that everyone experiences on stage, they have the chance to get in contact with their grandiose self. By using the several Psychodramatic techniques (reverse role, doubling, mirroring) they feel free and they maximize their erotic desire for life and their floating personal development.


In Sociodrama the Psychodramatic technique is present. Now, we are talking about large group encounters where the group as a whole focuses on social themes and phenomena and group dynamics. In Sociodrama we try to encourage the better handling of social themes and a healthier development of social groups.


In the frame of Sociatry, JL Moreno developed the method of Sociometry, which focuses on the qualitative and quantitative relations of people in between themselves and in between the members of a group and the group.
Having Psychodrama and Sociodrama as so valuable tools, and spontaneity and creativity as main values, we may search the meaning of healthy, which consists of somatic, psychic and social health.